Your financial future

What stage of life are you in now? What do you want to achieve? What will it take to get there? We help you understand your options and make decisions. And, we stay in touch. Through regular meetings we continually
assess your changing needs and help you plan, invest and manage your accounts accordingly.

Financial Planning
An overall look into your personal financial goals with a road map of how to get there.

Portfolio Analysis and Second Opinion
Look at asset allocation, diversification, and risk and return.

Investment Management
An individualized investment plan suited to match your personal risk tolerance and investment goals while minimizing volatility through diversification.

Retirement Plan Consulting
Planning that projects income necessary to sustain your current lifestyle and develops a strategy to achieve that goal.

Personalized Banking
Individualized solutions to banking needs using the full resources of a great community bank.

Personal Trust Account
An account in which Blue Ridge Bank serves as the current trustee, providing asset management, record keeping and tax preparation for the trust.

Tax Planning
Planning to minimize income taxes and estate taxes.

Insurance Analysis
Is your coverage adequate, appropriate and cost effective?

Protection in Case of Incapacity
- Long-Term Care
- Successor Trustee
- Health Care Power of Attorney

Estate Planning
- Titling Assets
- Lifetime Gifts
- Charitable Planning
- Executor/Trustee Selection
- Distribution to Beneficiaries:
                 - Tax Efficiency
                 - Control Issues
                 - Special Situations
                 - Trust and Asset Management


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