Switch Kit

Switching to Blue Ridge Bank Is Easy

Welcome! Now that you've chosen Blue Ridge Bank and Trust Co., we're providing this easy Switch Kit information to help you make the transition. Let us help you: 

  • Open new accounts with us
     Switch Kit
  • Switch over your automatic transactions
  • Close old accounts with other financial institutions

Open Your New Accounts
Your new Blue Ridge Bank account opens the door to a number of benefits. Complete the New Account Information form, print, and bring it to any branch location. A Blue Ridge Bank representative will handle the rest.

Change Direct Deposits*
To switch any direct deposit you may have set up with your employer, the company handling your retirement or pension payment or the Social Security Administration, complete the Change Direct Deposit form.

Change Automatic Withdrawals*
Next you'll need to contact the companies and financial institutions with which you have established automatic withdrawals. Consider automatic withdrawals you have set up through your mortgage company, various insurance companies or other financial institutions. Complete the Change Automatic Withdrawal form and don't forget to change any automatic payments you may have set up with your telephone, cable, other utilities or other companies.

Close Your Old Accounts*
When closing your old accounts, be sure to leave enough money in them to cover outstanding checks and automatic withdrawals. Once the accounts are no longer active, complete and send your former financial institution the Close Account form and request the balance from the accounts. Finally, destroy old checks, ATM/debit cards and deposit slips.

These forms are intended to help you streamline the process of changing your accounts to Blue Ridge Bank. If you need help completing any of them, please contact us at 816-795-9933.

In order to change your direct deposit and automatic withdrawals, you will need to know the bank routing numbers and account numbers from your former financial institution and Blue Ridge Bank. The bank routing number is the first nine digits of the series printed on the bottom of your checks. (Blue Ridge Bank's routing number is 101001364.) The account number is the next series of numbers, followed by the check number. 

Bank routing number

Set Up Other Accounts and Services
Consider all your financial services needs. Your financial service representative can help you establish other new accounts, provide you with a safe deposit box, refer you to a loan officer and answer other questions you may have. 

*Some agencies or businesses may require that you use specific forms that they have designed. Please check with them prior to making your request.