Elite Plus

With this interest-bearing checking account, you'll make money on your money. Plus, you'll enjoy a host of great benefits designed to help you save money. Exclusively for individuals 55 and above.


You will have access to exciting benefits and services from Blue Ridge Bank and Trust Co. including:

  • Itemized monthly statements with check images
  • Image copies of checks
  • Two free boxes of bank stock checks or a discount on premium style checks
  • $5.00 discount on your safe deposit box with auto pay
  • Five free cashier's checks or money orders per month
  • Free movie (summer months - June, July, August)
  • Annual customer appreciation event
  • Other occasional events
  • Organized group travel - day and overnight
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Complimentary Financial Review
  • Free online banking, online bill pay and mobile phone banking

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