Remote Deposit

Bank from the convenience of your office with Remote Deposit.

  • Save time and money by making deposits electronically from your office.  Deposits are credited to your account until 6:00 pm.
  • Remote Deposit allows you to eliminate courier costs and trips to the bank which also provides safety to you.
  • The Remote Deposit software allows you to save electronic copies of your checks for future reference.

Low Volume Remote Deposit

  • Recommended for business deposits of 25 or less items per day
  • $50 monthly maintenance fee
  • Includes the use of one single-feed scanner and one license fee

High Volume Remote Deposit

  • Scans 30 documents per minute
  • $100 monthly maintenance fee
  • Includes the use of one high-volume scanner and one license fee

CAR/LAR License Fee

The CAR/LAR is an optional feature.  This program is able to interpret the value of the check eliminating the need to key in the amount of the check.  There is a $259 one-time fee.

To sign up for Remote Deposit, please contact Tara Sturtevant at 816-795-4064 or Yvonne Hall at 816-795-4074 in the Treasury Services Department.